Ankh "Key Of Life" Symbol Of Eternity

The Ankh ( Key Of Life ) is one of the most widely known symbols of the Egyptian world. It is a hieroglyph that represents Eternal Life and is seen in many of the tombs in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians would carry it as an amulet, believing it held s”acred powers” to grant strength and well-being in this life and in the next.Artists would frequently depict various gods or goddesses holding the ankh while touching the dead. The scene symbolized the deity granting eternal life to the deceased.Ancient Egyptians loved jewelry. From paupers and peasants to pharaohs and queens, every Egyptian, men and women alike, wore makeup and jewelry as an expression of their culture. In fact, most Egyptians believed that wearing jewelry could help to safely carry them into the afterlife. That makes perfect sense when you think about the amazing treasures that have been discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb and many others in Egypt.For the sake of making your shopping more fun and interesting, we’ve picked some of ancient Egypt’s most well-known icons, and curated a gallery of beautiful options, embellished with some interesting history. We’ve ended with a bit of Cleopatra style, because the Queen of the Nile was both beautiful and smart, and like you, a goddess in her own right. Find out some super interesting facts about her here.First, let’s go back, way back, to approximately 3100 B.C., when the Ancient Egyptians learned how to harness the potency of silver for health and believed it gave superhuman powers to those wearing it. Even Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” taught the use of silver for healing wounds and infectious diseases. In 69 B.C., silver nitrate made it into the contemporary pharmacopeia. Paracelsus, a Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist and astrologer, used silver around 1520 as a basis for his intriguing concoctions, detailing his extensive medicinal use of the metal.Flash forward to 2017, and while silver’s talismanic powers are up for debate, it holds promise for the multitasking modern prize of maintaining healthy skin. Now more than ever, investing in precious metals for skin care is not just a nod to the wisdom of the past. A silver Ankh pendant or bracelet Egyptian Top Quality Souvenirs is a ravishing present to bring back home .Some 30 Arab and foreign ambassadors and cultural attachés to Egypt as well as hundreds of Egyptian, Arab and foreign journalists flocked to the Saqqara Necropolis outside Cairo to see the newly discovered mummies of cats and beetles on Saturday.Although the graves were originally tombs from the Old and New Kingdoms, they were reused during the Late Period as a necropolis for cats and other animals. This highlights the ancient Egyptian attitude to cats, with the cat goddess Bastet having a multitude of powers. She could fend off a variety of evil threats and at the same time she was a goddess associated with music, dancing and pleasure.

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